llama antibodies

In the field of research and pharmaceutical industries, a wide range of antibody services are very necessary and important. These services include custom antibody development, the new black in best practice research management in this demanding field.

We’re Capralogics, a full service polyclonal antibody supplier which also offers assets for research and development.  We supply the full spectrum of standard and advanced antibodies, including llama antibodies, chicken antibodies, sheep antibodies and derived products of all kinds.

We act as a trusted partner supporting the research, diagnostic and pharmaceutical communities with antibody production services and research operations. Our very broad client base includes some of the leading academic, pharmaceutical and clinical research organizations in the US.

We provide expert services for research projects and ongoing product development. We help our clients from the start of their projects to final product commercialization. We also provide the high grunt lab services and expert consultation needed for getting research projects off the spreadsheets and in to production. We do everything from peptide development to multi testing and commercial product development. As an outsource, we deliver a cost-effective way of managing that sometimes difficult mix of resource and budget management.

For more information about our services, visit our website here at www.capralogics.com/. Take a little extra time to browse through our full range of products and services, and speak directly to one of our experts about your needs. We’re happy to provide a custom package of services to help your work achieve its goals.


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