Managing antibody sourcing – An acquired taste for researchers

Capralogics is a leading supplier of polyclonal antibodies and related products. If you’re finding sourcing the advanced antibodies you need to be a fun-filled excursion in to easy resource acquisition, you may be the only person on Earth who is.

The fact is that sourcing the latest products is a bit different from shopping at Walmart. Researchers, in particular, have an interesting time finding the materials and services they need for custom antibody development, the new core business for antibodies. Clinicians and pharmaceutical companies, looking for top quality sourcing, in particular, don’t seem to like being asked to reinvent the wheel when it comes to finding and using what they need.

There is a bottom line here, and it tends to get too close for comfort when you’re trying to source the things you need. In the old days, trundling around online finding a few basic rabbit antibodies or chicken antibodies was OK. Now, doing advanced research, sourcing needs to be fast, efficient, reliable, and suppliers need to be up to speed with your area of research.

You also need ISO-compliant products, with proper documentation and related admin/lab verifications and correlations. Sourcing now needs to be fast, reliable and quality assured.

That’s where Capralogics comes in to the picture. We’ve been in this field for decades working with high end researchers. We’ve seen the market change from comparatively laid back to high intensity, high standard commerce. We act as a source, a service provider, and consultants to deliver the sourcing and quality our clients need.

For more information about our products and services, visit our website at Check out our range of services and give us a call to solve any sourcing issues you may have.  We’ll be happy to help.


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