Need help developing custom antibody products?

Custom antibody products are the big thing in antibody research. This type of research is demanding, often involving extended periods of research and development before a product is ready for the market. That type of timeframe, and associated costs, can become an obstacle course for researchers trying to deal with complex new products. The other big problem is that these complexities inevitably have the potential to cause difficulties with allocation of resources, staff, and money.

You’ll be pleased to know that there is a very simple solution available. If you’re looking for help with custom antibody development, custom antibody production or similar services, you’ll be interested to know that we can help you with any services you need.

Capralogics Inc. is both a supplier of polyclonal antibodies and a source of research services when you need them. We are a service provider for several medical care facilities for custom antibody production. We are a qualified and USDA certified company with a very strong market exposure to the clinical, academic, and pharmaceutical research areas.

We can provide products like DNPK1, chicken antibodies, serum and other products for your research project, and assist with practical solutions for managing lab work, state-by-state product development, and other core operational needs.

For more information, please visit our website here at If you’d like to enquire about our services, or discuss your research project needs, will be happy to assist. You can contact us directly by phone or online.


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