Animal Selection Production of Antibodies

Antibodies play a huge role in advancing medicine today. Research in Life Sciences continues to try and improve testing to come up with viable solutions to many viruses and illnesses. While it may be hard to understand the depth of this research, it is necessary to continue the pursuit of using animal antibodies in medical studies.

Typically, the procedure to produce polyclonal antibodies includes an antigen preparation, injection process, and blood serum extraction. The animal selection in the production of antibodies can include chickens, guinea pigs, sheep, mice, horse, and rats. The most commonly used animal subject is the rabbit. It is through a series of injections in which the animal will create an antibody against the conjugate.

When large amounts of antisera are needed then subjects such as sheep, horses, or goats are selected. For instance, some vital testing using sheep will produce sheep anti-histone III or sheep anti 5-methyl cytosine for further research into medicinal solutions.

Facilities which offer antibody production services screen antibodies during development and document the nature of the immunogenic property and what specific animal was used for the testing. Capralogics offers compassionate care and nurturing environment to all animals housed within the facility. Each project is handled with careful attention with a commitment to excellence in results. Fore more visit:



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