Custom Antibody Development and Antibody Production

Custom antibody development services are unique in essence they provide modifications according to the client’s specific needs. This is seen often in research and development as testing requires different outcomes and better solutions, especially in the development of new medications or vaccines.

Host species available may include rabbit antibodies, goat antibodies, sheep antibodies, Llama antibodies, and chicken antibodies. Capralogics offers extensive experience and provides support in project management of custom antibody development. It is important to develop a working relationship with clients for successful outcomes. Support services such as peptide design and development, purification, characterization and conjugation are an essential part in achieving protocol needs.

There are hundreds of products in research and development as antibodies remain the one most detrimental product groups pushing pharmaceutical testing today. Successful research brings new ways of combatting medical conditions, especially those which show no effective treatments or cures.

Capralogics is designed for flexibility and adaptability in processes and uses state-of-the-art technologies and compassionate care of species. If you need custom antibody development and antibody production support, contact them today.


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