Collaborate With Capralogics for Rabbit Anti-LAT1

Antibodies are indeed necessary for discovery and research applications. These are mostly used in multiple studies such as cell membrane receptors and apoptosis. Furthermore, you can use the same type of blood collection sample in Chemokine receptors and human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

Capralogics is the ultimate platform while looking for the best natural antibodies. These are used for multiple lab tests and other services, designed for enriching the healthy lifestyle of people.  Collaborate with Capralogics for rabbit anti-LAT1.

We are able to manufacture some top-notch quality rabbit anti-LAT1, with affinity purification HRO conjugate service. The antigen is known as purified llama lgG and needs to be stored at 4C. Multiple laboratories and research centers use our services for antibody supplies.

If you need your order in bulk, then it is recommended to pre-order for your amount. Some of the other items we have in store are goat anti-llama alkaline phosphatases, rabbit anti-Llama, rabbit antibody with alkaline phosphatases and more. If you would like, you can even address our Rabbit anti-Llama light chain and the one in light chain alkaline phosphatases. Options are limitless.

We are also known for manufacturing goat anti-llama HRP. These are known as secondary antibodies, which are available as conjugated or lgG properties. These are further available as in biotin, alkaline phosphatases, and fluorescein and even as horseradish peroxidase.

These products are used in proper collaboration with some laboratories and other research facilities. In case, you or your laboratory is now planning to market your own antibody, then try collaborating with us. Contact our team today.


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