Goat Anti-Llama: Custom Antibody Development from Capralogics

Nowadays, bacteria and viruses are prevalent in our environment. Our bodies are not sufficient at fighting off viruses. With growing age, we tend to lose some ability to fight against viruses and fall into diseases more often. That is when we, Capralogics, come into action. We develop some of the worlds’ leading serum and plasma antibodies to aid in research studies, pharmaceutical and diagnostic facilities. Our goat anti-llama is produced using premium blood collections as our animals are treated with care and compassion.

The host device of this product is goat with purified llama lgG as the antigen. This product further comprises of affinity purification as a proper method to work with. For storing this antibody, you need aliquot and freeze it at -20 degree Celsius. To store for longer period of time, you might have to freeze it at -70 degree Celsius. It is mandatory for you to avoid freeze-thaw cycles, for ensuring that the product is designed to last for a long time.

This goat anti-llama FITC can recognize light and heavy chains. You do not need any mercurial salts or primary amines in buffer. Goat anti-llama is available under multiple variations from our side. Some of those examples are alkaline phosphatases, HRP conjugate, biotin conjugate and even FITC conjugate. The last one is also known as goat anti-llama fluorescein conjugate and needs to be stored at 4C. Whether you are planning for this antibody or looking for anything else, give us a call. We are able to supply the required amount within the stipulated time.


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